With another winter of extreme weather, consumers may turn to top snow blower brands

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Meteorologists around the country are once again expecting the same type of extreme weather conditions as last winter in the U.S. In fact, according to an AccuWeather report, this winter is set to bring the harshest El Niño conditions in the U.S. in more than 50 years. This weather phenomenon will expose many regions of the country to levels of snowfall that they have not seen in decades – or ever. Therefore, knowing that snowfall and extreme winter conditions will hit even unexpected locations, retailers need to stock their shelves with snow blowers.


Throughout the month of Snow Blower Article 2December, El Niño weather patterns will increase the chances that snow falls across the country from the West Coast to the Sierras, central and southern Rockies, Deep South and up the East Coast through the Appalachians and mid-Atlantic states. According to The Weather Channel, many other areas around the country have higher-than-normal chances of bad to extreme levels of snowfall this winter. With weather reports like these, there is no doubt this winter will have a significant impact on the snow blower market. Therefore, knowing that snowfall and extreme winter conditions will hit even unexpected locations like Lubbock, Texas; Oklahoma City; Wichita,                                                                     Kansas and Asheville, North Carolina for months past the holidays,                                                                             outlets need to stock their shelves with snow blowers.

“As a result of the El Niño weather phenomenon, even unexpected locations should stock their shelves with snow blowers.”

Consumers may turn to top brands
One of the main reasons consumers may turn to top brands this winter is effectiveness and reliability. According to The Stevenson Company’s TraQline data, 31.8 percent of people indicated it was their first time purchasing a snow blower, and another 36.5 percent of people bought one as a replacement. However, with what is predicted this season – even in places that are not accustomed to extreme winter conditions – it is possible that those numbers will increase this year.

Typically, when consumers first purchase a snow blower, cost is most likely to be the primary factor in the purchase. This winter has the potential to change current consideration behaviors. Many consumers around the country could wake up to three feet of snow, making durability and efficiency more crucial purchase drivers in the upcoming months. So with snow already accumulating in parts of the Midwest, it would be no surprise for top brands like Toro, Craftsman, Ariens and Troy-Bilt to increase sales in the coming months.

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As most of the country is due for heavy snow, consumers may look to better prepare themselves this year. This may be especially true in regions expecting frigid temperatures, where snow accumulation will freeze into an impenetrable crust. According to Consumer Reports, that may not only rule out a shovel for many consumers, but it will require them to seek out small engine snow blowers with the ability to get rid of all types and amounts of snow accumulation.