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We have a unique relationship with many Trade Associations.

TraQline partners with trade associations to enable members with essential information to understand current trends.

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Better Data = More Value for Your Trade Association

Trade associations thrive on having reliable, high quality information available to its members. How can TraQline help?

For Example

  • We regularly present industry trends such as shares, behaviors, and emerging trends.
  • Our economists can work with your data program to provide industry size.
  • How are your vendors’ brands selling at competing retailers?
  • How should your channel strategy vary from last year?

Which Associations use TraQline?

Because of our broad category coverage, we work with many Consumer Durables Trade Associations by giving annual or semi-annual presentations, advise members, or calculate industry volume or forecasting.

While we’re proud of our partnerships, we can’t give you our list…but we can tell you that within these associations are some of the largest retailers and manufacturers in the United States and Canada. In fact, half of the Top 10 consumer durables retailers in the Forbes Global 2000 are valued TraQline customers.

Some of our most recent presentations to Industry Associations

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How do you get TraQline?

act now buttonYou may already be a TraQline customer, but you can get the most out of TraQline by referring us to your Trade Association. Through this partnership, we will provide you with unique perspectives on your market. Call us today!