Distributors who use TraQline win.

TraQline provides distributors with the essential information needed to run the business.

From monitoring trends to ensuring providing research and insight to your manufacturing customers, TraQline is a distributor’s best source for market share and consumer behavior.

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Better Data = Better Decisions

Having the right information is critical to the success of your product plan for the year. Having unbiased information ensures transparent interactions and communication with vendors. TraQline helps solve the problem of having better, more complete data.

For Example

  • Measure performance of your top moving brands
  • Are you up-to-date on which product features are trending?
  • Measure which brands you carry are going to which retailers
  • Track channel performance from year to year

Why is TraQline the #1 market share source for Distributors?

Unbiased, reliable, consistent, and actionable are all words that our retail partners use to describe TraQline.

We also pride ourselves on being intently focused on your needs.

Your TraQline account team listens to your needs, answers your questions, and seeks ways to help you understand the data to ensure you succeed.

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Who uses TraQline?

While we’re proud of our clients, we can’t give you our list of subscribers…but we can tell you they are some of the largest manufacturers and retailers in the United States and Canada.

In fact, half of the Top 10 Consumer Durables Retailers in the Forbes Global 2000 are valued TraQline customers.

Using Consumer Data to help run your business

Here are a few ways TraQline can help:

  • Assortment Planning
  • Program Tracking
  • Competitive Threat Assessments
  • Target Customer Identification
  • Consideration & Close
  • Price Optimization
  • Channel Distribution Strategy
  • Competitor Brand/Retailer mix
  • Online Strategy Development
  • Store Location Optimization

How do you get TraQline?

You may already see TraQline data from your vendors, but there’s much more information than what you’re seeing. Check it out for yourself: brand, retailer, and industry trends, gain a better understanding of who your customer is, and have better conversations with your vendors.

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