Small Appliance Infographic Q3 2018

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Q3 2018 Small Appliance Market Statistics and Infographic

When it comes to the “Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why’s” of small appliance purchases, TraQline has got you covered. An internet survey of over 600,000 consumers per year, TraQline gives anyone in the consumer durables industry a better look at the marketplace, brand and retailer market share, purchase drivers, online sales, evolving feature trends and more.

TraQline collects this information by product category, including small appliance products. We collect metrics including online market share, dollar share, unit share, and draw/close for brands and manufacturers. Read more about this quarter’s small appliance market and consumer behavior today below.


Small Appliance Infographic

Check out this infographic for an illustrated overview of the Q3 2018 small appliance market:

  • Walmart takes home 22% of consumer dollars for small appliances
  • Dyson takes home 16% of consumer dollars for small appliances
  • South overindexes on purchases of small appliances with 41% of buyers living there
  • Avg price paid for small appliances is $89
  • Just over half of buyers are women purchasing alone
  • Average price paid for small appliances at @BestBuy is $176
  • Target closes 52% of its small appliance sales
  • Keurig takes home almost 4% of small appliance consumer dollars
  • 24% of consumers choose a small appliance retailer because they were already in-store buying other items
  • BestBuy draws 4% of small appliance buyers
  • 24% of consumers choose a small appliance brand because they value its brand name
  • Small appliance shoppers made 28% of their purchases online
  • Amazon wins 16% of consumer dollars
  • The Northeast underindexes on small appliance purchases
  • Walmart closes on 3/4 of their small appliance buyers

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