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  • Keep up with the ever-changing photo marketplace
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  • Data is collected right from consumers who buy your products

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Why TraQline Photo?

Known as the industry’s best and most trusted source for photo and photo printing market share in the US, TraQline Photo delivers the data necessary to diagnose, plan, track, and measure both individual business elements and the total company.

We answer the “who, what, how, when, where, & why” of purchases.

  • Who – Age, gender, marital status, race, etc.
  • How – Via digital camera, smartphone, email, website, etc.
  • When – Almost 5 years of monthly data
  • What – Posters, individual prints, custom calendars, etc.
  • Where – Printed in-store, kiosk, online, home, etc.
  • Why – Purchase drivers, loyalty, price, gift, selection, etc.


Data Collection


  • Largest survey of its kind in the world
  • Demographically & geographically representative
  • Brick & Mortar & Online Retailers
  • 5 years of consistent methodology
  • Rapid data results
  • Captures pictures taken, shared, printed, uploaded, etc.
  • Unbiased, comprehensive, & consistent


TraQline is a strategic tool which helps provide actionable information & insight to Retailers, Manufacturers, & Wall Street alike.



Market share by pathway


  • Photo lab
  • Kiosk
  • Online
  • At home
  • Prints vs. Merchandise





  • Your customers vs. your competitions’
  • Quality
  • Interactions with sales professionals
  • Wait time for photos





  • Who’s printing, sharing, uploading photos
  • Does behavior differ by geographic location?





  • Why they chose the provider
  • Device used – smartphone, digital camera, 35mm
  • Social sites used to share photos
  • Number of photos taken/shared per month

Strategic & Tactical Uses

  • Product planning
  • Merchandising tactics
  • Brand awareness
  • Mix analysis
  • Brand/Store performance
  • Marketplace/Competitive monitoring
  • Performance measurement
  • Line review preparation

A Better Understanding

The marketplace is always changing. It’s important to understand popular trends, pricing, your customers, and even your competition. That’s where TraQline Photo comes in.

TraQline Photo will help you:

  • Analyze demographics or segments – Who is buying your products?
  • Uncover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities using it as a diagnostic tool
  • Monitor pricing, price trends, ASP within an industry or between retailers
  • Track your regional performance by geography/custom sales region
  • Evaluate retailer product mix
  • Calculate revenue shares – Who’s winning the race for customers’ dollars?

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