TraQline will provide you with truly powerful insights and the tools to answer your most pressing business questions

Ask yourself:

  • Who are my biggest competitors and the categories in which they are strong?
  • Which feature do I include on my next product?
  • Which demographic represents my best customers and here’s why they are buying?
  • How are online retailers like Amazon performing in the market?
  • Market share history for this quarter and the past 10 years (and why it is going down/staying flat)?

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We have the answers and more.

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Get your consumer insights from the source – your consumers


At The Stevenson Company, we’re consumer experts; our survey of over 600,000 consumers reaches consumers from all across the United States.  While TraQline answers questions about the marketplace, our custom research and analysis team can design a more custom approach for more esoteric questions.

Tracking survey insights


Understanding share, behavior, demographics, and pricing, is just a start.  Our TraQline provides you with a variety of metrics to help you better understand the marketplace. 

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Feature selection insights


Product Managers and Consumer Insights managers use TraQline every day to read the changes in product features.  By asking about the features of each category, TraQline is able to determine:

  • Color trends
  • Configuration Trends
  • Demographic shifts
  • Build Material
  • Size changes
  • Technology shifts
  • and more…

Competitor Insights


With incredibly accuracy, TraQline helps you see not only your own share but which of your competitors is gaining and losing share in the industry.  This helps you communicate with your retailers/vendors and determine what works and doesn’t work.

Demographic Insights


Which customers are drawn to your product category? To your brand?  TraQline helps you understand who your best customers are, where they shop and why, allowing you to stop broadcasting to the world, and start speaking directly to your customers. 

TraQline gives you the ability to look at demographics by brand, retailer, or any other variable.

  • Income
  • Household size
  • Purchaser gender
  • Race
  • Geography (State, DMA)
  • Marital status
  • Own/Rent
  • and more…

Insights are one of the many ways that The Stevenson Company is set apart from our competitors.

Find out for yourself what makes us special and how we can help you by providing powerful insights for your business.

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