Voice of the Customer

Where do great ideas come from? Where are the opportunities that you might be missing? For the most part, it is your customer who can tell you that. Maybe not a single customer, but across a given segment or type of customer, you can hear what they are saying about your product or service and where their needs are. Our philosophy around voice of the customer initiatives is that a single metric or two are not all you need to run your business. Listening to your customers is vital and that comes with utilizing a combination of methods to assess how well you are delivering on your customers wants and needs.

Take for instance the rush to Net Promoter Score. It was billed as the one number you need to run your business, but it has proven in our work not to be correlated to business results and product improvements. It does, however, correlate strongly to consumer sentiment, which shows that the consumer of your products may be rating you, not for how well you delivered on their wants and needs, but more on how they are feeling overall. That is why our voice of the customer work relies much more on the why’s that drive the ratings on a number of different metrics that can be used as performance indicators.

doodle of people discussing various topics

We talk to the customers when we conduct voice of the customer programs. Our method combines discussions with customers combined with metrics that provide the ability to identify where the gaps are, specifics on why customers are not fully satisfied, what they expected and how their expectations have been met.

Our voice of the customer programs still measure customer satisfaction but the in-depth insights we gather provide much more details into where the problems are and why those problems exist. Our approach provides you with a proven way to link your voice of the customer program with quantifiable business improvements.

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