Qualitative Tools & Methods

Our experiences over the past decade have shown that no area of research has benefited more from the innovation and adoption of digital technologies than the qualitative realm of our business. Our ability to access people in all types of environments and situations, and talk to them personally, has been greatly enhanced by the introduction and constant improvements in digital technologies. Combine those with the ability to capture in-context images and video and you see why the qualitative realm has benefited so greatly from these innovations.

But, while these technology driven methods have a place, they still won’t replace a group of people sitting in a room together discussing your ideas, concepts, ads or new products. Not to mention, the lack of distractions and the ability of your team to learn, iterate and re-retest all together in one place. Nor do these technologies completely replace talking face-to-face with a consumer or a business customer. What they do is provide us with a greater choice of tools to use when designing qualitative research.

One of the most impactful methodologies has been our customized online communities. These have proven to be extremely rich in providing insights because of the ability to recruit across a global audience as well as the ability to keep participants engaged over a long term, as opposed to a two hour focus group. Combined with the ability to post images, drawings, picture boards, story boards or videos and the online community approach has provided unrivaled access and insights.

brown paper torn away to reveal the words "think outside the box"

With over three decades of conducting qualitative programs, we have created and improved creative and thought-provoking methods to elicit the insights needed by your business to move to the next step of planning. Our team of moderators has been developed to be easy to work with and to have the experience, knowledge and sensibility to bring you the learnings and insights you need. After all, the purpose of these qualitative sessions is to listen and understand what the participants are communicating. Our emphasis is, it’s not only about cultivating the learning but turning it into action.

Yet, those learning and insights depend not only on a great moderator but having the right participants. So much of the quality that comes out of qualitative work depends upon the recruiting of the participants. Under our qualitative services group, we have developed a nationwide recruiting capability that relies heavily on quality, accuracy and verification of respondents. They need to prove to us that they are worthy of participating.

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