New Product Development

A “spark”. Traditionally defined, it is anything that activates, stimulates, inspires or acts as a catalyst for change. But where do those sparks come from that you need to drive new thinking, new ideas or new ways to approach your business issues? As a product manager, designer, business development leader or marketing leader you are constantly searching for a way to generate the ‘sparks’ that will lead you to new opportunities for growth. However, you are well aware that sparks rarely happen in the types of meetings you sit through on a daily basis. Sparks need to happen in just the right environment.

Building upon our years of working with clients to generate new ideas and new products, we designed research processes to aid new product development. Our approaches provide the fertile environment for ideas and new innovations to grow. As part of a multi-stage process with the objectives to deliver successful new ideas and innovation into the market, our processes take the key influencers in product development and bring them together to stimulate creativity.

honeycomb pattern with business buzzwords, businessman in background tapping "innovation" in blue

Our new product development process consists of several stages, starting with

I. Ideation & Innovation

      Leading to…
II. Concept Creation and/or Refinement

      Which can lead to…
III. Rapid Prototyping

      Which can lead to…
IV. Design Assessment & Guidance

      Which ends up with
V. Forecasting the Potential

Ideally, our new product development support will involve the stages outlined above, but many times a client is not in position to commission such a program. As such, we are able to customize each phase to align to where the client is in their product development cycle. Our flexibility and ability to build the right research program for you is why we have been so successful in helping our clients introduce winning products.

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