Less Risk…More Confidence

Insight managers, markers, and executives in the C-Suite recognize that your company needs to change with the marketplace in order to survive and prosper. But it’s expensive to develop and launch new products and services. That means risk – unless you can plug into customers’ thoughts and feelings, and test ideas in advance.

With this information edge over competitors, your company’s business decisions can be timely and on-target. You can achieve better results with less risk.

Market Advantage Process: The durables industry’s best new product development process

The Stevenson Company’s unique Market Advantage Process (MAP) is a framework developed over decades of experience. Whether you are at the beginning of your product development life cycle or nearly finished, our process can be adapted to ensure you collect the information you need to solve critical challenges like:

  • Identify products in the market are not meeting current customer needs – Our MAP can help determine what products to introduce to remain innovative, generate revenue, and gain market share
  • Uncover new products to address existing customer needs – Stevenson Company’s MAP can identify customer expectations, win untapped revenue, and develop marketplace leadership
  • Identify which consumer messages most impact consumers – leading to the right use of your marketing budget, increased sales, and a strong brand message
  • Segmentation and target market identification – rather than wasting critical marketing dollars on the wrong segment, identify which segments are your best segments, quantify and communicate with them
  • Identify the right channel partners to ensure the most extensive and profitable distribution – solving the problem of wrong channel partners, limited distribution, and disinterested distributors


Stevenson research process