Research Services

Clients don’t come to The Stevenson Company simply for research results about business questions. After all, they can get those from any research entity. What brings clients to Stevenson is our in-depth knowledge of their markets, our familiarity with how others in their categories are performing, our creative applications of research tools, and our ability to uncover the meaningful information their product, marketing and design teams need.

Man presenting an idea to his co workers- traqline products, services, and deliverables

Our clients exist to sell products and services to customers and the successful ones find ways to do that better than their competitors. Besting the competition requires a lot of different things working together but, first and foremost, the success hinges on delivering products that fulfill the wants and needs of the customer. With years of experience helping clients design, develop and market innovative products, we have honed approaches that uncover what customers do, what they see, and what they think they need and how they articulate their needs.

Whether we are mapping pathways customers take to their decision, assessing gaps and opportunities in product offerings, testing new designs and prototypes, analyzing distribution patterns or simply finding out what customers purchase, all of these are done under the overarching objective of delivering recommendations on how to design and market products that beat the competition.

As we enter our third decade of helping clients, we are continually striving to find innovative and effective ways to help clients design, develop and market their products. After all, we have to out-perform our competition, too.