Custom Research & TraQline




We have the tools.

The team at The Stevenson Company is uniquely positioned to provide our clients the best of two worlds – TraQline and cutting edge custom research.  Separately, these two are industry leading products. However, the analysts and researchers at The Stevenson Company are able to draw on the expertise from the TraQline survey to add unparalleled depth and insight to custom research projects.

TraQline – Tracking the entire marketplace

yellow click here buttonWhen you need to know who is buying from where, TraQline has you covered. Many sources either collect information from a subset of retailers or don’t get to the reason why consumers buy.  TraQline has mastered both.

Our methodology, consistent for over 15 years, tracks the who, what, where, and why of the consumer marketplace – collecting data directly from the people who buy your products. Learn why our customers love us & how TraQline can help you.

Custom Research Services

Intent on understanding the wants and needs of both consumers and business decision makers, The Stevenson Company Custom Research Group focuses on providing its partner clients with actionable insights. blue click here buttonClients come back to us repeatedly, allowing us to establish a true relationship as consultants who fully understand their business and provide strong value for their research dollars.

While our clients come from many categories, we have a particular expertise working with retailers and manufacturers seeking insights relating to their consumer durable products. Our research expertise and experience is broad ranging and features our proprietary new product development process.

The Stevenson Company…a trusted research partner.