Consumer Electronics Infographic Q3 2019

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When it comes to the “Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why’s” of consumer electronics purchases, TraQline’s got you covered. An internet survey of over 600,000 consumers per year, TraQline gives anyone in the consumer durables industry a better look at the marketplace, brand and retailer market share, purchase drivers, online sales, evolving feature trends and more.

Consumer Electronics Infographic


TraQline collects this information by product category, including consumer electronics products. We collect metrics including: online market share, dollar share, unit share, and draw/close for brands and manufacturers.

Check out this infographic for an illustrated overview of the Q3 2019 consumer electronics market:

small reproduction of Q3 Consumer Electronics infographic
  • When it comes to consumer electronics, Best Buy wins almost 31% of consumer dollars- want to know where else they’re spending?
  • The Apple store wins almost 8% of consumer electronics shopper dollars- how does that compare to how much is spent on Apple branded products?
  • Shoppers at Amazon spend an average of $189 on consumer electronics products. How much more do shoppers spend on consumer electronics at Walmart?
  • Samsung brand consumer electronics products win almost 14% of consumer dollars- check out how they compare to competitors like Dell
  • Brand names matter to consumer electronics buyers- 27% of shoppers say they were influenced by brand names on their CE purchases this quarter
  • The average amount paid for consumer electronics products is $278- but shoppers at Apple spend much more on average. Check out the average price they pay
  • Amazon draws in 1 in 4 consumer electronics shoppers- check out how often they’re able to close the sale
  • Apple closes sales with 77% of consumer electronics buyers, but what percent of shoppers do they draw in?
  • 36% of consumer electronics products are purchased online- check out what percentage are still purchased in a brick-and-mortar store