How do you identify the best channel distribution strategy for your new product(s)?

The Stevenson Co. identifies the traditional channels of distribution for your category, but also quantifies the impact of additional distribution.

Don’t focus on the “wrong” partners leading to limited distribution – or worse – distribution to a market that doesn’t care about your product.  If you fail to identify the best channel partners, you will approach your potential partners without data-driven support.

We have the tools, resources, and experience to solve the problem of which channels and through which channel partners you should distribute your product.  See how our team has developed our proprietary MAP Valuation which will help you present data centric cases to the most appropriate potential channel partners. You will build credibility and trust while securing the best terms for your distribution.

As a product manager, business development leader, or marketing leader your new product launch is critical to meeting your business goals. But new products often require a different approach to channel distribution strategy.  Getting this right can be the difference between hundreds of thousands of units sold…or hundreds.

Building upon our years of working with clients on their new product and retailing strategy, we design research processes to aid you in understanding your market’s ideal distribution channels. Our approach provides you and your company with the data and insights to take the guess work out of decisions and make data driven decisions.  Whether you are just in the Discovery phase or are ready for Validation, we work with you to deliver successful new ideas and innovation into the market.

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